Vampire Hunter D Stories

Vampire Hunter D, a classic anime from the 80's and now a new movie is coming out under the same title. No not a remake of the original, no not a sequel or prequel. An entirely new film based on one of the other D novels by Hideuki Kikuchi. Here you'll find stories I've written based on D. Mind you I haven't read the novels as 1) they are in Japanese and I don't read that much Japanese yet and 2) I don't have any of them so incase one of my stories seems similar to one of the novels... it is purely coincidental. These stories are mostly co-written by myself, L. S. Teneshi, and a dear friend of mine, E. We roleplayed most of them out to make them seem a bit more... realistic in a sense. I don't know if that properly describes it but that seems the best way to explain the look we're going for. Hopefully we achieve it. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the stories.


Some of the links are up here and listed as working but aren't. The prequel, and the story that comes after the sequel aren't up yet. Once I finish more of the direct sequel I'll start posting the story that comes after it and then I'll begin work on the prequel. I know it seems dreadfully out of order but... such is life sometimes.


Vampire Hunter D: A Long Night's Dream

Complete at a prologue and 13 chapters. Finished 10/18/00.

Oni (The Sequel to VHD: A Long Night's Dream)

Complete at a Prologue, 10 Chapters, and an Epilogue as of March 28, 2001!

Vampire Hunter D: The Night of the Wolf (AVAILABLE NOW!!!)

Finally the saga continues. Will D be able to handle being a daddy? Just how much trouble could one little town with no vampiric threats be? Will wolves prove the undoing of the relationship between Katrina and D? Or is it merely an inconvenience that will try their love. . .

Vampire Hunter D Artwork I've Done

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