Vampire Hunter D Artwork

Welcome. Here you'll find artwork I've done of Vampire Hunter D and various other characters from my stories and the two movies. Right now most of the work here is done with Adobe Photoshop Deluxe but a few pictures are done with colored pencils. Those will be marked so you know if you couldn't already tell. ^_^

D or E ?

One of the first pictures I did. Originally supposed to be my friend Ethan as Vampire Hunter E (yes Ethan is the one who helps me write all the stories) but it ended up looking more like D so.... decide for yourself who it is.

New Movie D

Early attempt at D from the new movie. Not so bad but I've done much better work recently.

New Movie D

This is one of the newer versions of D from the new movie. I'm very proud of how this one turned out and other versions and pictures will be coming soon like this.

New Movie D

Yet another facial position from the new movie.

New Movie D *Colored Pencil*

This is one of the few done in colored pencil but it's the same as one of the above pictures.

New Movie D *Colored Pencil*

Pretty much explains itself......

Count Rugen

Count Rugen. The villain from A Long Night's Dream. Not exactly a bad looking guy eh? *New as of 3/12/01*

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